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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Charred Shrink Wrap in Merck Vaccines: Read the FDA Inspection Reports.

If for no other reason, parents should not give their precious babies contaminated vaccines because you just cant trust the money hungary manufacturers. This is another in a sordid history of contaminations in vaccinations.

When you make drugs or other medical products, unwanted contaminants can fall into the mix — say, beetle parts (in baby formula) or glass flakes (in anemia drugs).

The latest pharma world example of wow-that-really-shouldn’t-be-in-there comes from Merck. As the WSJ reports, the company says charred bits of plastic shrink wrap have been found in vials of vaccines made at a big plant in West Point, Pa.

Affected products include Gardasil, used against the human papillomavirus, as well as shots against shingles, measles/mumps rubella, pneumococcal disease and chicken pox.

How’d this happen? It seems pieces of the wrap weren’t removed during vial washing and were charred during a sterilization process. Merck says there are no reports of adverse health problems, though theoretically the particles could cause a reaction at the injection site. The problem is very rare, according to the company.

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2 Infants Dead, 3 In Serious Condition From Measles Vaccine, 2 Doctors and Nurse charged for doing their job

The measles vaccine killed two infants and left 3 others in serious condition in India. Of course, the trusty 'milk aspiration' or catch all SIDS was not applicable here because 3 other babies were left in serious condition. When this occurs, look out poor doctors and nurses doing their will be the scapegoats!!!

Vaccine deaths: FIR against nurse, 2 doctors
TNN Aug 4, 2011, 07.44am ISTJAIPUR: Along with the general nurse & midwife (GNM), two doctors have also been named in an FIR for alleged carelessness in administering contaminated measles vaccine which resulted in the death of two infants in Nagaur recently.

Three infants are still undergoing treatment at J K Lone Hospital here.

The villagers lodged an FIR against the medical officer of primary health centre in Deoli Dr Subhash Bhaskar, block chief medical officer Ashok Singh Rajawat and GNM Meratiya at the Moretha police station of Nagaur district on Wednesday.

A senior medical and health department official in Nagaur said, "Keeping in mind the gravity of the situation, the department is planning to dismiss them." The FIR was lodged by Gopal Ram, uncle of an infant admitted to JK Lone hospital in a serious condition three days ago.
The department said a team has prepared the report on the case. "The team stated there was negligence in administering the vaccines, therefore, the department has dismissed the GNM and filed a chargesheet against four doctors in Nagaur on the direction of health minister A A Khan," a senior medical directorate official said.

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Another 2 Month Old Boy Killed by Vaccines

An all to familiar story here which the 'authorities' try to cast off as 'milk aspiration'. Just unbelievable. How many babies have to die before something is done about these toxic concoctions?

The State Drug Control Administration, which began a probe into the death of a baby boy within a few hours of vaccination, has sent the samples of the batch for analysis to the Central Research Institute.
The State Drug Control Administration, which began a probe into the death of a baby boy within a few hours of vaccination, has sent the samples of the batch for analysis to the Central Research Institute.

A two-month-old baby had died at his residence a few hours after three vaccines — Pentavac, Oral Polio Vaccine and IPV — were administered at a city hospital. The parents of the baby residents of Salivahananagar in Moosarambagh suspected that something went wrong and approached officials.

Mr P. Srinivas, the father of the bay and a resident of Salivahanaangar in Moosarambagh, said, “My wife delivered twins — a boy and girl — at the Sashi hospital on May 16. In the first week of July, we had gone to the hospital to get the kids vaccinated.

“Though our daughter was fine, our son died few hours after getting the vaccines. We have shifted to Warangal now. We didn’t want to book a case.”

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32 Children Contract Vaccine Type Polio in India in last 2.5 years

Once again the Polio vaccine is indicted in causing most of the existing cases of polio in the world. Oral Polio vaccine is a attenuated live virus that can be shed by those vaccinated with it. This shedding can occur for weeks, as we have covered in this blog previously. It often results in paralytic polio and is not the 'anomally' this article tries to paint it as.

5 children contract polio from vaccine

Sumitra Deb Roy, TNN Aug 7, 2011, 01.09am
ISTMUMBAI: From being labelled the world's lone polio exporter in 2006 to reporting just one positive case till the eight month of this year, the polio scenario has never looked better than this for India. But celebrations are not in offing as the country is now faced with the challenge of fighting the vaccine-derived polio virus rather than the wild virus itself.

Simply put, the small quantity of the weakened polio virus present in the oral polio vaccine (to activate immune response) is the one seemingly causing polio in children now. At least, five children from Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Rajasthan, UP and MP have been struck by the vaccine-derived polio, whereas only one child from West Bengal has tested positive for the wild polio virus. The child from Chhattisgarh, who had a congenital anomaly and was highly immuno-deficient, recently died. There were 21 cases of vaccine-derived polio in 2009 that came down to 6 in 2010.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Measles Vaccine KIlls 26 Healthy Babies in 3 Years In India

Here is the real measles epidemic, the needless and shameful killing of perfectly healthy babies in the name of 'health'. How disgraceful. 26 babies were killed (that were reported) from the Measles vaccine alone in the last 3 years in India. Of course, when I stumbled across this story on Google news, when I clicked on the link it didn't work. So doing some clicking around on the Times of India site, I was able to find the story with a good link. It is amazing the lengths the establishment goes to to prevent the real information from getting out.

26 measles vaccine deaths in 3 years, no investigative report yet

In less than three years, 26 absolutely healthy babies died in seven different places across the country soon after receiving the measles vaccine. The government, instead of coming up with stringent measures to track Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFI), has prepared a draft national vaccine policy that attempts to tamper with the system used worldwide to examine such adverse events. Moreover, till today no enquiry reports into the deaths after immunization has been made public, not even reports of the 2008 deaths that happened as far back as 2008.

Vaccines, administered on a large scale to healthy individuals (healthy babies in this case), demand a very high degree of safety, states the WHO publication on immunisation safety adding that monitoring immunisation safety is an essential part of every immunisation programme.

In India, forget about just minor adverse reaction, healthy children have been dying soon after immunisation and the number of such deaths has increased hugely from six deaths in 2002, and 13 in 2003 to 111 in 2008 and 116 deaths in 2009. The ministry attributes it to better reporting and surveillance. That seems hard to believe since four infants dying after vaccination would be widely reported at any time, surveillance or not.

Interestingly, the draft vaccine policy presented to the Delhi High Court indicates an attempt to whitewash all vaccine deaths in the future, unless it can be proved that the vaccine was contaminated or unless the number of deaths changes the baseline demography data in the region (meaning huge number of deaths are needed before the government will take cognizance.)

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State-wise death of infants given measles vaccine


State Date Babies dead
Tamil Nadu                    23-Apr-08            4
Maharashtra 28-Sep-08 4
Assam 22-Oct-08 4
Uttar Pradesh 21-Aug-10 4
Uttar Pradesh 15-Sep-10 2
Madhya Pradesh 12-Mar-10 4
Gujrat 16-Mar-11


Monday, April 11, 2011

5 More Cases Of Whooping Cough In Vaccinated Children, Non Vaccinated Blamed!

Below is a prime example of how the press is used to scare the public and demonize those who see through the lies and deciet and choose not to vaccinate their children. This story is severly edited to only include the facts on the case and cuts out all of the lies and fluffed information. This was a two page article about 5 kids who had contracted Whooping Cough in Asheville, North Carolina. Only those who actually read the whole story and are able to pick out a key sentence on that second page will discover that all 5 of these individuals who contracted the disease were vaccinated against it! I encourage all to click on the link after reading these choice cuts from it and understand how the media spins the ineffectiveness of the Whooping Cough (Pertussis) vaccine and demonizes those that do not vaccinate. Just take a look at the comments to the article to understand how effective this tactic is. Every comment ignores or completely misses the fact that these were vaccinated kids and the commentators bash the anti-vaccine movement.

Whooping cough still spreading in Asheville area

ASHEVILLE — Whooping cough continues to spread throughout Western North Carolina, sickening school children around the region and causing hundreds to receive preventative medication.

There have been five reported cases of the disease in Buncombe County so far this year, including two in March and one last week.

The majority of cases were in elementary school-age children.
“It is not really stopping,” said Sue Ellen Morrison, disease control specialist at the Buncombe County Department of Health. “We are continuing to see cases and more than what we would want to see with pertussis.”
Morrison said it is hard to tell if the number of cases will continue to climb.

No one in Buncombe County has been hospitalized from the disease last year or so far this year.

The disease has been on the rise in recent years as a result of better reporting and an increase in unvaccinated people.

Morrison said the disease also spreads because pertussis vaccine is less effective at preventing the disease compared with other vaccines, making people vulnerable.

The five cases this year were among people who had been vaccinated.

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people contracted whooping cough last year.

Officials said not being vaccinated or up-to-date on vaccines can spread the disease.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Causal Relation LIKELY between Hib vaccine and Type 1 Diabetes!

The letter below is from October 23, 1999 and is from the British Medical Journal (BMJ). It is quite an interesting read and it is not surprising in the least that the uptick in Type 1 diabetes coincides with the introduction of the Hib vaccine. I encourage everyone to click through and even register on the site to view the comments on the letter. Vaccines have been linked with all kinds of diseases and ailments like SIDS, Kawasaki Syndrome, Cancer, Narcolepsy, Allergies, Autism, Febrile Seizures, AIDS, Crohn's and any other type of Gastro disease/ailment, and the list goes on. Diabetes has long been suspected but this is the first time I have come across this letter and wanted to share.

Association between type 1 diabetes and Hib vaccine

EDITOR—We initiated and funded a collaborative study with Tuomilehto on the effect of the Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine on type 1 diabetes and found that the data support a causal relation (paper submitted for publication). Furthermore, the potential risk of the vaccine exceeds the potential benefit. We compared a group that received four doses of the vaccine, a group that received one dose, and a group that was not vaccinated. The cumulative incidence of diabetes per 100 000 in the three groups receiving four, one, and no doses of the vaccine was 261, 237 and 207 at age 7 and 398, 376 and 340 at age 10 respectively.

Karvonen et al's analysis is not rational, and their conclusion is not supported by our data.1 Their calculations of relative risk are also misleadingly low, and we urge readers to check them. Most researchers would compare the group who received four doses with the group that was not vaccinated or the two vaccinated groups with the group that was not vaccinated. The results of both comparisons reach significance. The cumulative difference in cases of type 1 diabetes per100 000 between those receiving four doses and those who were not vaccinated is 54 cases (P=0.013) at 7 years and 58 cases at 10 years (P=0.029; single tail Fisher test). The relative risk is 1.26 at 7 years. The cumulative difference between those receiving four doses or one dose of the vaccine and those who were not vaccinated is 42 cases (P=0.016) at 7 years and 47 cases at 10 years (P=0.028).

The rise in diabetes, just one potential adverse effect, exceeds the benefit of the vaccine, which has been estimated to prevent seven deaths and 7-26 cases of severe disability per 100 000 children immunised.2 Even the difference in cases of diabetes between the groups receiving four doses and one dose exceeds the mean expected benefit. Temporal changes in the incidence of diabetes do not explain the differences since there were an extra 31 cases of type 1 diabetes per 100 000 children aged 5-10 and the incidence of diabetes in this group had been stable for about 10 years before this.3 Furthermore, sharp rises in diabetes have been recorded in the United States4 and the United Kingdom5 after the introduction of the haemophilus vaccine.

Public health officials want to avoid scaring the public, but they risk depriving damaged children of compensation. Denials of safety issues may erode public confidence, especially since diabetes induced by the vaccine may be avoided by starting vaccination a few weeks earlier.

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Be Careful with Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Vaccine, Insert Admits Increased Risk of Chronic Neurologic Disease!

In a discussion on another site, the provaccine argument that there is "no mercury in vaccines" and a link to a call for 'old' DTap Vaccines was posted as evidence. While anyone with two eyes can see that this vaccine still contains 'trace' (less than/equal to .3 ug mercury/dose)amounts of mercury and still should not be put into the bodies of infants because everyone knows there is no safe level of toxic mercury. Anyway, in my review of this DTaP Vaccine Insert from Sanofi Pasteur it is admitted that this vaccine can cause Acute neurologic illness under "special circumstances". Oh really? Then it goes on to put the onus on the doctor to decide if your child meets one of these "special circumstances" and mentions that the parent should be advised of the increased risk. We all know that most doctors don't have time to read these vaccine inserts and we also know that most don't share them with the parent even if requested. Make sure you take this into consideration before you vaccinate your child with this vaccine.

Tripedia DTaP Vaccine Insert from Link on Sanofi Pasteur Website

A committee of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has concluded that evidence is consistent with a causal relationship between whole-cell pertussis DTP vaccine and acute neurologic illness, and under special circumstances, between whole-cell pertussis DTP vaccine and chronic neurologic disease in the context of the National Childhood Encephalopathy Study (NCES)report.24,25 However, the IOM committee concluded that the evidence was insufficient to indicate whether or not whole-cell pertussis DTP vaccine increased the overall risk of chronic neurologic disease.25 The decision to administer a pertussis-containing vaccine to children with stable central nervous system disorders must be made by the physician on an individual basis, with consideration of all relevant factors, and assessment of potential risks and benefits for that individual. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the Committee on Infectious Diseases of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have issued guidelines for such children.15,22,23 The parent or guardian should be advised of the potential increased risk involved (see PRECAUTIONS, Information for Vaccine Recipients and Parents or Guardians section).

Link to DTap Insert

Friday, April 8, 2011

Gardasil accused of causing Leukaemia in 2 year old toddler

This is an incredibly sad story about a baby boy being injected mistakenly with Gardasil when he was 6-weeks old and now having a case of acute myeloid leukaemia. It is another in a long line of negative press for the Gardasil vaccine.

Parents Fear toddler's illness the result of a vaccine

A toddler recently diagnosed with leukaemia was injected with the wrong vaccine when he was a baby, leading his distraught parents to wonder whether this mistake caused the debilitating cancer.

Two-year-old Chace Topperwien has been undergoing up to 10 hours of aggressive chemotherapy a day for acute myeloid leukaemia in Auckland's Starship Children's Hospital since his birthday on March 17.

His parents, Ryan and Keri Topperwien, took Chace to be vaccinated when he was six weeks old and were shocked to learn that the immunisation nurse had incorrectly injected him with Gardasil, a vaccine intended for 12-year-old girls to prevent cervical cancer.

"The nurse came back in and said 'I'm sorry but I've actually given your son the wrong drug'. We were like 'what do you mean you've given him the wrong drug?'," Mr Topperwien told NZPA.

"I wanted to go nuts but I looked at my wife and we both were kind of just shocked. She said 'I can give him the right one now' but there was no way we were going to let her touch our boy again."

When Chase was diagnosed with leukaemia last month they could not help but draw a link, although they were assured by numerous doctors that the Gardasil would have had no adverse effects.

"I can't see how they can say that unless there's research done on it and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have done research on six-week-old boys getting a Gardasil vaccination.

"We just want to get some answers, we want some research done. They made the stuff-up and now, for the last two years, they've just swept it under the carpet."

The couple had been doing their own research online and found numerous cases of Gardasil causing ITP, a condition which prevents blood from clotting as it should -- also a symptom of leukaemia.

Chace was diagnosed with leukaemia after his parents took him to the doctor when they noticed a rash on his neck, and his blood test results came back abnormal.

"I can't even describe it. It was probably the worst possible outcome that we could have imagined. We thought it would just be a check, just to make sure everything was all right. It crossed our minds beforehand but we just thought 'no, it definitely can't be leukaemia'."

Mr Topperwien, a ceiling repairer, and Mrs Topperwien, who is doing a PhD, both dropped their lives in Hamilton to be with their son in the Auckland hospital fulltime.

"I don't think I'd be able to work anyway, I'd end up just injuring myself because I'd be thinking about Chace all the time.

"We're both not making any money but I think it's better for my boy for us to be here than at work because, like the doctor said, a happy child recovers faster."

Chace was doing "remarkably well", despite being cooped up in a hospital ward for 23 hours a day and having his golden locks shaved off.

"We also shaved our heads to make him feel like it wasn't weird, because he'd never really had his hair cut, he'd only ever had trims, so we just wanted to show him that it was okay."

The family had been receiving overwhelming support from their family and friends, and from total strangers, Mr Topperwien said.

A Facebook page, Chace Topperwien Fundraising, has been set up to raise money for them.

Link to Full Story

Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Scientific Review By Retired Senior Vaccine Scientist Shows Link between Vaccines and Autism!

**This NEW study showing links between the vaccine schedule and autism is monumental for a few reasons. First, it was done by a retired Senior Scientist at a pharmaceutical firm, so she knows what is going on. Second, she indicates that she was muzzled from talking about this stuff while working but now that she is retired, she wants to say a few things. Third, it discusses the Human DNA that has been repeatedly denied by the government and that she thinks it is linked to Autism. This is such a huge new review that it needs to go viral and go to the 4 corners immediately!**

Vaccines and autism: a new scientific review

by CBS News investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson.

For all those who've declared the autism-vaccine debate over - a new scientific review begs to differ. It considers a host of peer-reviewed, published theories that show possible connections between vaccines and autism.

The article in the Journal of Immunotoxicology is entitled "Theoretical aspects of autism: Causes--A review." The author is Helen Ratajczak, surprisingly herself a former senior scientist at a pharmaceutical firm. Ratajczak did what nobody else apparently has bothered to do: she reviewed the body of published science since autism was first described in 1943. Not just one theory suggested by research such as the role of MMR shots, or the mercury preservative thimerosal; but all of them.

Ratajczak's article states, in part, that "Documented causes of autism include genetic mutations and/or deletions, viral infections, and encephalitis [brain damage] following vaccination [emphasis added]. Therefore, autism is the result of genetic defects and/or inflammation of the brain."

The article goes on to discuss many potential vaccine-related culprits, including the increasing number of vaccines given in a short period of time. "What I have published is highly concentrated on hypersensitivity, Ratajczak told us in an interview, "the body's immune system being thrown out of balance."

University of Pennsylvania's Dr. Brian Strom, who has served on Institute of Medicine panels advising the government on vaccine safety says the prevailing medical opinion is that vaccines are scientifically linked to encephalopathy (brain damage), but not scientifically linked to autism. (EDITORS NOTE: LOL, isn't that also brain damage?) As for Ratajczak's review, he told us he doesn't find it remarkable. "This is a review of theories. Science is based on facts. To draw conclusions on effects of an exposure on people, you need data on people. The data on people do not support that there is a relationship. As such, any speculation about an explanation for a (non-existing) relationship is irrelevant."(Editors Note: The 'studies' done on people were all done on vaccinated people and didn't compare it to non-vaccinated so there was nothing statistically significant to show)

Ratajczak also looks at a factor that hasn't been widely discussed: human DNA contained in vaccines. That's right, human DNA. Ratajczak reports that about the same time vaccine makers took most thimerosal out of most vaccines (with the exception of flu shots which still widely contain thimerosal), they began making some vaccines using human tissue. Ratajczak says human tissue is currently used in 23 vaccines. She discusses the increase in autism incidence corresponding with the introduction of human DNA to MMR vaccine, and suggests the two could be linked. Ratajczak also says an additional increased spike in autism occurred in 1995 when chicken pox vaccine was grown in human fetal tissue.

Why could human DNA potentially cause brain damage? The way Ratajczak explained it to me: "Because it's human DNA and recipients are humans, there's homologous recombinaltion tiniker. That DNA is incorporated into the host DNA. Now it's changed, altered self and body kills it. Where is this most expressed? The neurons of the brain. Now you have body killing the brain cells and it's an ongoing inflammation. It doesn't stop, it continues through the life of that individual."

Dr. Strom said he was unaware that human DNA was contained in vaccines but told us, "It does not matter...Even if human DNA were then found in vaccines, it does not mean that they cause autism." Ratajczak agrees that nobody has proven DNA causes autism; but argues nobody has shown the opposite, and scientifically, the case is still open. (Editors Note: wow, in denial much? "I didn't know that but it doesn't matter" wow again)

A number of independent scientists have said they've been subjected to orchestrated campaigns to discredit them when their research exposed vaccine safety issues, especially if it veered into the topic of autism. We asked Ratajczak how she came to research the controversial topic. She told us that for years while working in the pharmaceutical industry, she was restricted as to what she was allowed to publish. "I'm retired now," she told CBS News. "I can write what I want."

We wanted to see if the CDC wished to challenge Ratajczak's review, since many government officials and scientists have implied that theories linking vaccines to autism have been disproven, and Ratajczak states that research shows otherwise. CDC officials told us that "comprehensive review by CDC...would take quite a bit of time." In the meantime, CDC provided these links:

Link To Study Showing Links to Autism from Vaccines

Link to Full Story from Cbsnews

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Now a Swedish Study Confirms a 4 Fold Increase in Narcolepsy With Pandemrix Flu Shot

**I think the moral of the story here is don't subject yourself or your children to this vaccination. I would argue any vaccination, but this is a good start. The benefits DO NOT outweigh the risks! The flu is preventable and treatable safely and naturally.**

A Swedish registry based cohort study provides strengthened evidence of an association between vaccination with Pandemrix and narcolepsy in children and adolescents

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Results from a Swedish registry based cohort study indicate a 4-fold increased risk of narcolepsy in children and adolescents below the age of 20 vaccinated with Pandemrix, compared to children of the same age that were not vaccinated. The results are in line with those of a similar Finish registry study.

The Medical products Agency (MPA) has in co-operation with the healthcare regions of Skåne and Västra Götaland, the county councils of Östra Götaland and Stockholm and with the Karolinska Institutet performed a study of a possible relationship between vaccination with Pandemrix and the occurrence of narcolepsy.

All cases of diagnosed narcolepsy reported to the healthcare databases in these four regions between October 1st 2009 and December 31st 2010 have been linked to information in the regional vaccination databases. These four regions have around 5.3 million inhabitants, which corresponds roughly to 57 percent of the Swedish population. The vaccination coverage was on average 67 % for children and adolescents under the age of 20 and 51 % for adults.

The study shows a 4-fold increased risk for children and adolescents vaccinated with Pandemrix to be diagnosed with narcolepsy as compared with unvaccinated subjects (4,06 cases per 100 000 person years in vaccinated children/adolescents compared with 0,97 cases per 100 000 person years in unvaccinated). This risk would translate into an absolute risk of three cases of narcolepsy in 100 000 vaccinated children/adolescents. No increased risk was seen in adults.

Full Story on Study

Monday, March 28, 2011

4 NEW Cases of DISEASE Spread from Military Smallpox Vaccine!

**Another case of a member of the military spreading disease after being vaccinated. It makes me wonder how often this actually happens and makes me wonder what types of other diseases spread with all of the 'experimental' vaccines these poor soldiers recieve. I believe that a great majority of the sickness and disease out there is the result of people shedding live virus' from there vaccines. This is only an opinion, but it is something to consider. So this makes 8 cases in a week, we last reported on this here:
Previous Coverage**

Smallpox shot in military member led to four vaccinia cases

Four people contracted vaccinia virus infections, leading in one case to systemic symptoms, as a result of direct or indirect contact with a US military man who had received a smallpox shot, according to a report in Emerging Infectious Diseases. The military member was vaccinated on Feb 23, 2010, and on Feb 27 he wrestled with two other men in a semiprofessional match, during which his vaccination-site dressing came off. Both of those wrestlers suffered skin lesions within 3 days. One of the two wrestled another man on Mar 5, and the latter subsequently had skin lesions on his chest. One of the men required treatment for erythema and early blepharitis of his left eyelid. In addition, a 29-year-old female household contact of the first case-patient suffered lesions along her lower jaw, followed by fever, chills, arthralgia, submandibular swelling, and a lesion in her right nostril. After her physician and the New York State Department of Health (NYSDH) consulted with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, she was treated with vaccinia immune globulin, lead author Gregory E. Young of the NYSDH told CIDRAP News, which alleviated the pain of her lesions within 24 hours. Vaccinia virus was confirmed in all four patients, and gene sequencing in three of the cases linked the virus to the ACAM2000 smallpox vaccine. The report says the cases point up the need to ensure that military vaccinees understand the risks associated with contact transmission of vaccinia. On Mar 16 the same journal published a report of four similar vaccinia cases that were linked to a martial arts gym.

Link to Story on CIDRAP

Saturday, March 26, 2011

8 More Develop Narcolepsy from the H1N1 Flu Vaccine In Ireland

**Narcolepsy has been associated with the Swine Flu shot in Sweden, Finland, and now Ireland. 8 new cases associated with the Pandemerix flu vaccine. Will the CDC do the right thing and pull this product off the market? Of course not, they will say they are going to collect the data and conduct a study. This will take quite some time to complete and will injure many others before it is said and done. Make sure you and your children are not among the casualties. I couldn't imagine having to care for a child with this vaccine injury Narcolepsy. Here is our previous coverage of these incidents and notice we have not waivered at all:

You are 9 Times more likely to get Narcolepsy with Swine Flu Vaccine

Narcolepsy In Finland with H1N1 Vaccine

Narcolepsy Flu Vaccine Probe to take Months

Rise in sleep illness cases linked to swine-flu jab
Eight people now suffering from narcolepsy after getting vaccine

Sunday March 27 2011

EIGHT Irish people who received the swine-flu vaccine have developed narcolepsy -- the potentially devastating ailment that causes sudden daytime sleep attacks, the Sunday Independent has learnt.

It means that the number of suspected cases of the debilitating sleeping disorder linked with one particular swine-flu vaccine in Ireland has doubled since the beginning of the month.

The Irish Medicines Board (IMB) said: "The IMB has received a large number of suspected adverse-reaction reports and queries in association with the pandemic-influenza vaccines since October 2009, the vast majority of which were consistent with the expected pattern of adverse events for the vaccines.

"Eight reports of narcolepsy-type sleep disorders have been notified in relation to Pandemrix, most of which have been very recently received and are currently being followed up for additional information."

Last August, the vaccination of children and adolescents in Finland with Pandemrix was suspended until a link to narcolepsy had either been ruled out or detected.

The Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare described the move as a precautionary measure.

Among the eight people in Ireland who have developed narcolepsy sleep disorders is a 10-year-girl from Co Meath who is now on medication to stop her suddenly falling asleep while she is at school.

This newspaper has learned that another young woman in her late teens, who suddenly began suffering from daytime sleep attacks after receiving the Pandemrix vaccine, suffered a nasty facial injury when she suddenly fell asleep while taking a shower.

At the time the young woman began developing symptoms, her worried family were convinced that she was fainting, such was the suddenness of the sleep attacks, which occur in seconds.

But now, following medical tests, the woman's condition has been confirmed as narcolepsy.

In Finland, health officials found evidence of an increased risk of the disorder -- in which people fall asleep without warning or sleep excessively in the daytime -- among those aged four to 19 years who had been given the Pandremrix vaccine.

The IMB said it was now collaborating with a number of other countries to carry out a review of all the available data and information.

Last month, the European Medicines Agency's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) confirmed that it had reviewed further information from Finland on the suspected link between narcolepsy in children and adolescents and Pandemrix.

"The committee concluded that the new evidence added to the concern arising from case reports in Finland and Sweden, but that the data were still insufficient to establish a causal relationship between Pandemrix and narcolepsy.

"Further analyses and study results are awaited to clarify the observations in Finland."

In addition to the information coming from Finland, research is continuing in Sweden, where there has also been an unexpected number of narcolepsy reports following vaccination with Pandemrix.

In last month's statement, the CHMP said that other non-Nordic countries had not seen similar increased rates of reporting of narcolepsy.

That assessment may change in the light of the eight suspected cases that have been reported in Ireland of people who have received the Pandemrix vaccine and who have subsequently developed narcolepsy.

"Additionally, in Canada, where there has been substantial use of this type of vaccine, there has been no evidence of an increase in reports of narcolepsy.

"Therefore, at present, definitive conclusions cannot be drawn and no changes to the recommendations for use of Pandemrix are proposed," the European Medicines Agency said last month.

The precise cause of narcolepsy is unknown, but it is generally considered to be triggered by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

The condition occurs naturally at a rate of around one case per 100,000 people every year.

Link To Story

Chinese Doctor believes his son was killed by an H1N1 Flu Vaccine

**I believe this case creates a bit of a conundrum for the CDC. They have a Doctor's son die directly from the H1N1 Flu vaccine and now the CDC is saying it didn't kill him but an overdose of steroids killed him. now they are going to say that a doctor and father who had first hand knowledge of the damage caused by the shot and a father who treated his son for 33 days until his death doesn't know what he is talking about? The CDC is really in a tough situation but goes to the old 'this guy is crazy' tact when backed into a corner. They are basically painting this Doctor as a nutball and that will be how they marginalize this issue. Anyone with any dicernment and who has been following these types of cases can see right through this shell game and know that this vaccine killed this poor child.**

Doctor reiterates belief that H1N1 vaccine killed his son

The China Post news staff -- A doctor whose son died 33 days after receiving a H1N1 flu vaccine 15 months ago stressed disbelief yesterday over the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) allegations that his son's death was not related with the vaccination.
Liu Jin-cheng, a doctor serving at a hospital in the Wuchi District of Taichung City, made the remarks at the 2011 National Epidemic Prevention Conference organized by the CDC under the Cabinet-level Department of Health (DOH).

Liu said he personally took care of his child in the 33 days after receiving the vaccination, and therefore very well knew the disease of the child. “Over the past 15 months, I haven't persuaded myself to believe that my son's death was caused by the parvovirus B19, rather than by the injection of H1N1 flu vaccine, as alleged by the CDC.”

At yesterday's conference, the doctor showed an official examination report issued by the U.S. health authority on the cause of his son's death, saying that there exist great discrepancy between the CDC and the U.S. health authority concerning the issue.

Liu also criticized the DOH's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) as having failed to take the same stance as the public on the H1N1 flu vaccination, making it difficult for the public to respond positively to the government's call to receive the vaccine.

In response, Su Yi-jen, former CDC director general and now Vice President of National Cheng Kung University Hospital, said that after the CDC laboratory found parvovirus B19 inside the body of Liu's child, he tried to inform prosecutors of the finding. But prosecutors asked him not to publicize the finding on grounds that the cause of death was still under investigation at the time.

Su said that he suspected the death of Liu's child to be associated with the use of a massive amount of steroid during the treatment process.

But Liu denied after the conference that his son received too much steroid.

At the conference, some participants called for the CDC to make well-rounded planning and preparations before kicking off flu vaccination campaigns in the future.

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Once Again, Whooping Cough Vaccine Ineffective!

**In what can only be described as a reoccuring theme, another 'outbreak' of the Whooping Cough is occuring in the US, this time in Pensylvania. Once again, this outbreak is occuring in those vaccinated against the disease. Of course, the excuse for why this is occuring is 'bad batch'. Sure, the outbreak in CA where 2 out of 3 were fully vaccinated also had a bad batch and so was the 12 cases last week in Wisconsin. Please go here to see the evidence of these cases: Link to Previous coverage of Whooping Cough Vaccine being ineffective

District Dealing With Outbreak Of Whooping Cough In Schools

According to officials in the Hamburg School District, they have an outbreak of pertussis, better known as whooping cough, on their hands.

A letter to parents from Hamburg superintendent Stephen Keifer warns parents there have been "several confirmed cases of pertussis in the school district."

Keifer told 69 News there have been five cases, four of which were students at the elementary schools.

"That's not unique," said Dr. Kenneth De Benedictis, the head of Reading Hospital's infection control and prevention. "That's happened before in that population."

De Benedictis said most children have been vaccinated against pertussis.

"Either it's worn off or there's something defective in the vaccine, but it is an effective vaccine basically," De Benedictis explained.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

OH NO! 12 new cases of Whooping Cough in Wisconsin, ALL WERE VACCINATED!

**Buried in the fearmongering hysteria we often find searching the news for vaccine related news, we found this article about a 'Whooping Cough' outbreak. Towards the tail end of the article, it is revealed that all 12 of the individuals were vaccinated against whooping cough. This is not a surprise to anyone who reads this blog as we reported during the initial hysteria of whooping cough, that most of cases were people who were fully vaccinated. See here: 2 out of 3 fully vaccinated

Not to mention, this post discussing how little there is to fear when it comes to whooping cough: Whooping the Pertusis Fearmongering

If you are worried about getting whooping cough, the safest and most effective defense/treatment is to use herbs(Oil of Oregano and others), vitamins (C, D3, Selenium), and Homeopathic remedies (King Bio is a great Homeopathic company). Colloidal Silver is also very effective and safe, especially those that utilize a silver hydrosol method of production like Sovereign Silver (not affiliated in any way, I just know it works and use it with my kids.) Please click on some of the links on the right side of this blog to find out how to start to take control of your own health and not live in fear of highly treatable 'diseases'.**

Number of whooping cough cases on the rise in La Crosse Co.

LA CROSSE, Wis.- There's a big jump in the number of whooping cough cases in the La Crosse area and health officials are expecting more as it spreads.

There are 12 confirmed cases so far this year. To put that in perspective, in 2009 there were only 2 cases throughout the entire year.

The highly contagious bacterial disease can affect anyone, but it's most serious in infants and young children. It usually starts out much like the common cold but then progresses into a severe cough.

Health officials say the cases of whooping cough this time around are somewhat unusual. "Unfortunately the cases that we've had have been immunized and so we're not really sure how it's being spread so well and so fast, but we are investigating that right now," says La Crosse Co. Public Health Nurse Traci Lien.

A vaccine is recommended for children under 5 to prevent whooping cough. And in 2005, a booster shot was approved for teens and adults. You're recommended to get it once between the ages of 11 and 64.

If you suspect you or your child has whooping cough, health officials recommend calling your doctor to get tested

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Study Verifies Mercury In Flu Shots Is Toxic

** Yet another blow to the provaccine coalition with their beloved MERCURY being outed yet again as a toxic substance. It is the second most toxic element known to man behind Uranium if the truth must be told. Only those who drink the kook aid with regularity would argue that point. Even with this well known fact, the media, government and medical institutions are pushing mercury preserved flu shots on young children and pregnant women. If this isn't all you need to know to stop taking a flu shot, I don't know any other way to convince you. I would also like to point out that even though there are some 'mercury free' version of preservative based vaccines on the market, there is still residual amounts of mercury in the shots that is not able to be filtered out that is above the EPA's recommended limit for mercury exposure.**

SILVER SPRING, Md., March 22, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — CoMeD — Yet another peer-reviewed, scientific study proving the connection between the mercury in medicine and human illnesses has just been released. The latest study is the sixth one published in recent months. This report specifically examines the harm inflicted on developing fetuses and children by Thimerosal, a mercury-based compound routinely used as a preservative in flu shots.

Members of non-profit groups like the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMeD) are actively sharing the latest scientific data about the dangers of medical mercury with the public, largely because they recognize that the mercury in Thimerosal is a factor in numerous childhood diseases.

Thimerosal is the Eli Lilly trade name for sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate when used as a preservative in vaccines and other drug products. It is also known as "Thiomersal" in Europe and "Merthiolate" when used as an antiseptic. Consisting of approximately 49.6% mercury by weight, Thimerosal has been phased out of many vaccines in the United States because of concerns about its "potential risk." However, it is still in most flu shots even though much safer, cost-effective alternatives are already being used.

Full Story on Mercury in Flu Shots

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Polysorbate 80 (Tween 80) In Vaccines IS A Sterilization Agent

In a follow up to our previous story on the Tetanus Vaccination Sterilization agent HCG found here: Tetanus HCG Sterilization Agent

We are now going to focus on an "emulsifier" added to numerous vaccines which has numerous side effects associated with it like alergies, anaphylactic reactions, and Infertility! In one medical study done in Slovakia, female newborn rats were injected with Tween 80 (Polysorbate 80). These newborn female rats were injected with Polysorbate 80 at days 4 to 7 after birth. The researchers found that Polysorbate 80 accelerated the maturation of the female rats, damaged the vagina and womb lining, caused significant hormonal changes, severe ovary deformities and ultimately rendered the young female rats infertile.

For those conspiracy 'theorists' out there like myself, this sure looks like a semi-ingenious way to reduce population, no? Most people would have a hard time putting the fact that HPV vaccines have this sterilant in it because they receive it much earlier than when they would typically start a family. A couple of examples of vaccines with Polysorbate 80:
Gardasil Has Polysorbate 80
Fluarix Flu Vaccine Has Polysorbate 80 (specifically mentions that they cannot guarantee that the vaccine will not damage your fertility)

Meanwhile, the CDC is doctoring the numbers for how many miscarriages occured during the 2009/2010 Swine flu 'epidemic' as we first reported here: CDC Falsifies Reports

I know all of this sounds sooo far fetched and "our governments love us and would never hurt us", but take a look at this patent for a 'Fertility Imparing Vaccine' containing, none other than Polysorbate 80: Infertility Vaccine Patent

In the description section of the patent application, Tween 80 (Polysorbate 80) is listed as a preferred ingredient:

"In a preferred embodiment the vaccine comprises oil, preferably a biodegradable oil such as squalene oil, in an amount of about 2.5% to about 15%, preferably about 8% to about 12%. In preparing the vaccine it is advantageous to combine a concentrated oily adjuvant composition with an aqueous solution of the antigen, pZP glycoprotein. Typically, the vaccine is prepared using an adjuvant concentrate which contains lecithin (about 5% to about 15 % wt/vol, preferably about 12% wt/vol) and STDCM (preferably about 25 mg/mL to about 50 mg/mL) in squalene oil. The term % wt/vol means grams per 100 mL of liquid. The aqueous solution containing the isolated pZP glycoprotein is typically a phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) solution, and additionally preferably contains Tween 80 (about 0.2% vol/vol to about 0.8% vol/vol, preferably about 0.4% vol/vol)."

In addition, the United Nations has this amazing write up on their website with the title: 'What would it take to accelerate fertility decline in the least developed countries?' This is a must read for those out there that think our governments would never do such a thing.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vaccine Live Virus Spreads Disease at Maryland Gym

**Isn't this just a breath of fresh air? How great is it that now you have to worry about aquiring Vaccina Virus from people who have been immunized in the last few months? Just wonderful... While this report is published on the CDC's website, I have not seen this splashed all over the media like it should be. I wonder why? Maybe it would hurt business? So those who still are pro vaccine, just know that those around you are at risk when you take these toxic conconctions. Virus shedding occurs with all of the live 'attenuated' vaccines. You are the problem, not those who are healthy and not spreading lethal diseases. I just wanted to set the record straight on that little common misunderstanding.**

Excerpt from CDC Report:

Vaccinia virus is an orthopoxvirus used in the live vaccine against smallpox. Vaccinia virus infections can be transmissible and can cause severe complications in those with weakened immune systems. We report on a cluster of 4 cases of vaccinia virus infection in Maryland, USA, likely acquired at a martial arts gym.

Link to Full CDC Report

Friday, March 18, 2011

4 INFANTS DIE after Measles Vaccine in India, 5 others CRITICAL

**Disgusting. Simply put. These things need to be banned. ALL OF THEM. This is just unbelievable that 4 tiny precious infants could be murdered and 5 others be in critical condition and this will not stop anything. They will point to some 'other' reason for these kids dying and the murders will continue. DON"T let this happen to your baby. Just go through this blog or search this site for 'dead' or 'death' and you will see how many kids (that were actually reported and released in the news) have actually been killed by these vial, useless concoctions. I am sure the brainless mantra, "The benefits outweigh the risks" will be used here. Sure, every parent would rather have a dead baby than one with the measles, a 'disease' moms used to throw parties for so that their children could contract it and get lifelone immunity. Go figure. I am quite angry about this. UPDATE 3/18/2011: 5 infants have now died 5 infants now dead**

Four infants died in western Gujarat's Kutch on Wednesday and about five became critical within 15 minutes of their being administered the measles vaccine as part of a drive launched by the Gujarat government. The four who died were below one. Of the ones critical, all are below one and one is 16 months old.

The incident has forced the state health department to halt the vaccination drive in the state for a week while samples have been sent for examination to the Central Research Institute, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh.

Chief minister Narendra Modi has directed the health authorities to conduct an enquiry into the incident. The state government has declared a compensation of Rs 1 lakh to each of the bereaved families.

"Our preliminary investigation into the incident has revealed that the children who were vaccinated developed reaction and four children have succumbed while a few more are under treatment," Gujarat health minister Jaynarayan Vyas told HT.

"We have withdrawn the vaccination programme after the incident and also sent samples of the vaccine for examination," Vyas said, adding, "the vaccines were procured by the state health department and the expiry time was April 2012."

The vaccine was manufactured by Indian Immunologicals Ltd (IIL), a unit of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), and it produces shots for rabies, hepatitis B, measles, etc.

"One infant was vaccinated by a nurse in the field while three others were administered vaccine at Rambag Hospital in Adipur town," a senior health department official in Kutch said.

The post-mortem had been conducted and the reports had been sent to the state health department, he added.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Risk of Fits Prompts Ban of Four Flu Vaccines in Australia

**If only the rest of the world would be as proactive as Australia is in regard to the safety of these horrible flu vaccines. This report of 'fits' comes on the heels of up to 1 in 100 experiencing febrile convulsions and prompting the ban in Australia for 5 year olds and under. These vaccines do not work and have MANY health consequences. Avoid them at all costs for yourself and your children. There are many effective natural treatments for prevention of the Flu. Vitamin D3 has been found in clinical studies to be MORE EFFECTIVE than the Flu vaccine. Use it because there are no side effects. If you do come down with the flu, Colloidal Silver is absolutely wonderful. I recommend a silver hydrosol if you are interested.**

FOUR brands of flu vaccine have been banned for young children due to the risk of fits, in new Health Department advice for the start of the flu season.
Chief Medical Officer Jim Bishop has stepped up surveillance for side-effects from this year's flu jab, which will be made to the same formula that triggered a tenfold increase in febrile convulsions among young children last year.

"The events of last year illustrated the importance of monitoring vaccine usage in children," Professor Bishop wrote in a letter to doctors this week.

For the first time, doctors have been "asked", although not required, to notify the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register every time they vaccinate a child up to the age of seven years for the flu. Professor Bishop has also "encouraged" doctors to report any side-effects to the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Peter Collignon, professor of infectious diseases at the Australian National University, said yesterday children without underlying health problems should skip the flu jab this year.

"My own view is that for children and young adults who do not have a risk factor (from the flu), I would not be vaccinating for seasonal influenza because I don't think we have enough data on the safety," Professor Collignon said.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flu, Pneumococcal vaccine increases risk of febrile seizure

Children 6 to 23 months of age who receive trivalent inactivated flu vaccine (TIV) concurrently with the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13) are at increased risk of febrile seizures, according to researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta and Harvard Medical School in Boston.

Frank DeStefano, MD, MPH, director of the CDC’s Immunization and Safety Office, and Grace M. Lee, MD, MPH, assistant professor of Population Medicine at Harvard Medical School, presented their findings at a recent meeting of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) in Atlanta. DeStefano noted that fever after vaccination is common and might increase the risk of febrile seizures. He estimated that when given concurrently, TIV and PCV13 might account for approximately 60 seizures per 100,000 children and that such seizures typically occur the day after vaccination.

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Vaccinated People SHED LIVE HERPES for up to a month AFTER Vaccination!

**I certainly encourage everyone to click the link to read the full article, but I pasted a paragraph from the article at the end of this post. It says that the package insert warns vaccinated people should avoid contact with infants, pregnant women, and immune suppressed individuals. The PROBLEM is, the doctors do not let anyone see the vaccine inserts! I wanted to point that out but also the fact that I am not even a little surprised by this report and it happens in any 'Attenuated' virus vaccine. Polio is one that is notorious for causing paralyzing 'vaccine' type polio. Search this blog for those posts...**

NEW ORLEANS – Varicella zoster virus DNA was detected in subjects’ saliva for a month after immunization with the Zostavax herpes zoster vaccine in a prospective study.

Genotypic analysis demonstrated that the varicella zoster virus that was present in saliva was indeed the Zostavax live attenuated vaccine virus, Dr. Catherine M. DiGiorgio said at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology.

The next step is to determine whether this virus that is being shed in saliva and at inoculation sites after immunization is infectious. If so, it’s possible that herpes zoster infection might be transmitted through recently immunized individuals.

Although that would be highly unwelcome news, there is a potential upside to the finding that varicella zoster virus (VZV) can be detected in saliva: "It possibly could have use in clinical practice, allowing detection of shingles prior to development of the rash, enabling earlier start of antiviral therapy, and decreasing the duration of shingles and the pain of post-herpetic neuralgia," said Dr. DiGiorgio of the center for clinical studies at the University of Texas, Houston.

The Zostavax package insert warns newly vaccinated individuals to avoid contact with infants, immunosuppressed individuals, and pregnant women who haven’t had chickenpox or been vaccinated against it, but the insert doesn’t specify why or provide a duration, Dr. DiGiorgio noted.

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Sanofi’s ActHIB Vaccine Recalled in Japan after 5 childrens deaths

**How many children have to be harmed and killed before people start to really question the usefulness of these vaccines? This is already being brushed under the carpet as being blamed on the syringes. Please. It’s never the vaccine. It’s either the syringe, bad syringe hygiene, the doctor/nurse's fault, etc. It is NEVER the toxic vaccine. I should point out that the stoppers used with the syringes are usually made of rubber and MANY people are allergic to this rubber which then gets pushed into a person's body when injected. Do yourself a favor, don't take anymore ineffective, dangerous, and unnecessary vaccines and look into natural, safe, and effective alternatives like good organic food, vitamins, minerals, and homeopathy.**

By Jonathan D. Rockoff
Early this week, we learned that Japanese health officials had temporarily suspended the use of two common childhood vaccines while authorities investigated the deaths of five children.

Sanofi-Aventis SA, maker of the ActHIB vaccine caught up in the suspension, now says it’s recalling 200,000 doses distributed in Japan – but not because of the investigation.

Sanofi took action after finding that two syringes used to dispense the vaccine contained an undetermined “foreign matter,” a spokeswoman tells the Health Blog. The move is precautionary only, and the recalled ActHIB vaccine doses don’t present a safety risk, she says.

The ActHIB vaccine is administered using syringes — which contain a solution that renders the powdered vaccine ready for injection – in Japan, but not in the U.S.

Sanofi is still investigating, but believes the syringes, made in 2009, were contaminated somewhere during the manufacturing process. The foreign matter didn’t affect the sterility of the vaccine, and “parents of children who were vaccinated with these lots have no reason for concern and do not need to take any action,” the company spokeswoman says.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Sanofi Flu Vaccine 'FluZone' Associated With Rise In Febrile Seizures

**Just another in an ever expanding list of side effects with taking a flu shot.**

US probing seizures reported after Sanofi flu shot

WASHINGTON, Jan 20 (Reuters) - U.S. health officials are investigating a rise in reports of a type of seizure following vaccination with a Sanofi-Aventis SA (SASY.PA) (SNY.N) flu vaccine, the Food and Drug Administration said on Thursday.

The febrile seizures, or seizures related to a fever, have primarily been reported in children younger than 2, the FDA said in a statement on its website.

The FDA said 42 cases of febrile seizures had been reported as of Dec. 13 and it and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were investigating if they could have been caused by the vaccine, called Fluzone, or if other factors were involved, the FDA said

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

You are 9 times more likely to develop Narcolepsy if you got the Pandemerix Swine Flu shot

**For those out there that are still falling for this hoax perpetrated by the Pharmaceutical industry, how would you like to come down with the incredibly debilitating health issue of narcolepsy? Is it worth it? Is it worth your quality of life to get a shot that is being fearmongered to the masses for the sake of selling a dangerous vaccine? This is an absolute shame and one that should result in these drug companies paying excessive monetary damages to those that were harmed. But it won't because most countries have laws in place to protect them from any liability. What more reason do you need to not vaccinate other than the fact that it is a money driven industry that has no liability for what happens to you as a result of their products?**

Vaccine likely caused child narcolepsy

A preliminary study by Finland's National Institute for Health and Welfare shows children injected with the Pandemrix swine flu vaccine are nine times more likely to contract narcolepsy than those who were not vaccinated.

The institute says currently the most likely explanation is that the increase in narcolepsy is by joint effect of the vaccine and some other factors.

The institute stresses in its preliminary study that more investigation is needed, but says young people aged four to 19 have a manifold increased risk of falling ill with narcolepsy if they have been inoculated against swine flu with Pandemrix.

The European Medicines Agency has also launched an investigation into the suspected connection.

Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder which causes extreme fatigue and often results in the patient falling soundly asleep without warning.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Britain Suspends Flu Shot for Children Under 5 Years of Age

**So why is this still practiced in the US? How can governments who share their health information quite freely come to different conclusions on the safety and efficacy of the flu shots for under 5s? Rest assured parents, you are fine to not give your child this shot, Britain is proof of that.**

Under-fives will NOT be given flu jab despite explosion in cases
By Sophie Borland

Ministers last night rejected pleas to give the flu jab to the under-fives despite an explosion in cases in the past few days.
The latest figures show that an epidemic has now broken out among children under four and levels have reached a ten-year high.
But ministers and senior Government advisers last night ruled that the immunisation programme for those aged six months to five years – which was quietly cancelled earlier this year – would not have significant ‘gain’.
The decision came after the Government’s interim chief medical officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, held crisis talks with advisers from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation over whether the jab should be offered to under-fives.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5 Year Old Girl Dies from Flu despite having Flu Shot

**It saddens me to see children die from preventable causes. No one has to die from the flu but unfortunately there is a broken approach to health in most of the world driven by Big Pharma. Health does not come from presription medications and vaccinations. It is quite the contrary. Healthy food and a healthy lifestyle are the most important aspects of ensuring you do not die from a preventable disease. Unfortunately, this poor girl's immune system was compromised by the very vaccines that were to save her. It is a little known fact that vaccines destroy your immune system and do not enhance it. The human body is very capable of defending itself if it is not immuno compromised by the lifestyle we lead, the food and water we injest, or the toxins we insert into our body. Do yourselves and your children a favor and look into natural alternatives to vaccines. Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Elderberry Extract, and the most powerful anti-biotic(without the side effects)/brilliant substance Colloidal Silver. Stop listening to companies selling their products and take your families life into your own hands.**

Levittown — BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP - About 36,000 people typically die each year from the flu, and tragically a 5-year-old girl from the township's B. Bernice Young Elementary School will be recorded as one of those thousands.

School officials said that the student, whose name was not released, had received a flu shot earlier this school year, but that she died last weekend from complications from the Influenza B virus, a strain different from the more viral H1N1, also know as swine flu.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vaccine Court Rules DTaP Vaccine Killed Child

**As the Wakefield hysteria continues on, the US Court of Federal Claims (Vaccine Court) has awarded the Tembenis family compensation for Complex Febrile Seizure Disorder and Death caused by the DTaP vaccine.**

In the United States Court of Federal Claims
No. 03-2820V
Filed: November 29, 2010
HARRY TEMBENIS and GINA TEMBENIS, ) administrators of the estate of ) ELIAS TEMBENIS, ) Entitlement; Death; ) DTaP; Seizure disorder; epilepsy; Petitioners, ) Cause-in-fact; ) Complex febrile seizure; v. ) No alternative cause ) SECRETARY OF ) HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, ) ) Respondent. ) Ronald C. Homer, Conway, Homer & Chin-Caplan, P.C., Boston, MA for Petitioners. Ryan D. Pyles, United States Department of Justice, Washington, D.C. for Respondent.

Petitioners have satisfied the legal requirements for proving that Elias’s December 26, 2000 DTaP vaccination was a legal cause of his epilepsy and death. Respondent has not overcome Petitioners’ evidence by proving an alternative cause. Therefore, I find that Petitioners have established entitlement to compensation under the Vaccine Act.

Dee Lord
Chief Special Master

Link to Court Ruling

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Media, the Medical Establishment, and Big Pharma start up new round of Andrew Wakefield Bashing

**What a combo...Drug Companies, Doctors, and the Media. Three fountains of misinformation that just won't stop with this 1998 study that struck a nerve. And only now, 23 years later is it being discovered, all of the sudden, that his (and the other co-signers) were fraudulent in their claims regarding the MMR vaccine. This wasn't relevant, I suppose, when he was stripped of his medical license in the UK. Going through Google News just now, I went over 12 pages of nothing but Wakefield = Fraud stories. Why? Why the gusto when he has already been 'discredited' to the general public. I guess the smear campaign didn't have the desired effect the first time. Please read this article that points out the facts...including the 'other' studies never mentioned by the 3 'stooges' that supported Wakefield's original findings. I guess those were all "frauds" too..**

National Autism Association Says BMJ Article is Yet Another Attempt to Thwart Vaccine Safety Research

WASHINGTON, Jan. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The British Medical Journal published an article today attacking Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his work towards a better understanding of the medical issues involved in the development of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Dr. Wakefield co-authored the case series reported in the British Journal, The Lancet, in 1998, which identified a novel inflammatory bowel disease in children diagnosed with autism. The association between autism and bowel disease has been repeatedly confirmed by subsequent studies, (1) (2) (3) (4) including a consensus report published a year ago in Pediatrics.(5)

In recent years, US Federal Vaccine Court has conceded multiple times that immunizations have led to cases of autism, or "autistic-like" symptoms, and multiple sub-symptoms associated with the disorder. According to the US Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) in 2008, 1322 cases of vaccine injury compensation settled out of court by the US Government in unpublished settlements. According to a statement from HRSA: "We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures."

Full Story with References to studies