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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chinese Doctor believes his son was killed by an H1N1 Flu Vaccine

**I believe this case creates a bit of a conundrum for the CDC. They have a Doctor's son die directly from the H1N1 Flu vaccine and now the CDC is saying it didn't kill him but an overdose of steroids killed him. now they are going to say that a doctor and father who had first hand knowledge of the damage caused by the shot and a father who treated his son for 33 days until his death doesn't know what he is talking about? The CDC is really in a tough situation but goes to the old 'this guy is crazy' tact when backed into a corner. They are basically painting this Doctor as a nutball and that will be how they marginalize this issue. Anyone with any dicernment and who has been following these types of cases can see right through this shell game and know that this vaccine killed this poor child.**

Doctor reiterates belief that H1N1 vaccine killed his son

The China Post news staff -- A doctor whose son died 33 days after receiving a H1N1 flu vaccine 15 months ago stressed disbelief yesterday over the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) allegations that his son's death was not related with the vaccination.
Liu Jin-cheng, a doctor serving at a hospital in the Wuchi District of Taichung City, made the remarks at the 2011 National Epidemic Prevention Conference organized by the CDC under the Cabinet-level Department of Health (DOH).

Liu said he personally took care of his child in the 33 days after receiving the vaccination, and therefore very well knew the disease of the child. “Over the past 15 months, I haven't persuaded myself to believe that my son's death was caused by the parvovirus B19, rather than by the injection of H1N1 flu vaccine, as alleged by the CDC.”

At yesterday's conference, the doctor showed an official examination report issued by the U.S. health authority on the cause of his son's death, saying that there exist great discrepancy between the CDC and the U.S. health authority concerning the issue.

Liu also criticized the DOH's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) as having failed to take the same stance as the public on the H1N1 flu vaccination, making it difficult for the public to respond positively to the government's call to receive the vaccine.

In response, Su Yi-jen, former CDC director general and now Vice President of National Cheng Kung University Hospital, said that after the CDC laboratory found parvovirus B19 inside the body of Liu's child, he tried to inform prosecutors of the finding. But prosecutors asked him not to publicize the finding on grounds that the cause of death was still under investigation at the time.

Su said that he suspected the death of Liu's child to be associated with the use of a massive amount of steroid during the treatment process.

But Liu denied after the conference that his son received too much steroid.

At the conference, some participants called for the CDC to make well-rounded planning and preparations before kicking off flu vaccination campaigns in the future.

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  1. The 2009 / 2010 H1N1 vaccine is ACTUALLY a H1N1/H2N3 vaccine.

    Did you ever ask yourself... Why are disinfo hacks on the internet saying... "Stop calling this a SWINE FLU' vaccine it's an H1N1 vaccine!"

    I'm calling it a swine flu vaccine because that is EXACTLY what it is. They don't want you know that because now big pharma is pushing for a H1N5 (avian) virus to be added to the future flu shots. What will that mean for the ill informed who already got the H1N1/H2N3 flu shots?

    A triple-reassortment is very difficult to occur in nature. What happens when triple-reassortment viruses occur in nature? Pandemics.

    What SANE individual would VOLUNTEER to use their own body as test tube to combine viruses THAT HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING COMBINED IN THEIR BODIES TO BEGIN WITH?

    The data on influenza vaccines is irrefutable. Medical (Pharmacological) and mainstream media NOT ONLY HIDE THIS DATA but, criminally reports the opposite. The truth is that influenza vaccines CREATE AND DISTRIBUTE DISEASE NOT REDUCE IT.