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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Britain Suspends Flu Shot for Children Under 5 Years of Age

**So why is this still practiced in the US? How can governments who share their health information quite freely come to different conclusions on the safety and efficacy of the flu shots for under 5s? Rest assured parents, you are fine to not give your child this shot, Britain is proof of that.**

Under-fives will NOT be given flu jab despite explosion in cases
By Sophie Borland

Ministers last night rejected pleas to give the flu jab to the under-fives despite an explosion in cases in the past few days.
The latest figures show that an epidemic has now broken out among children under four and levels have reached a ten-year high.
But ministers and senior Government advisers last night ruled that the immunisation programme for those aged six months to five years – which was quietly cancelled earlier this year – would not have significant ‘gain’.
The decision came after the Government’s interim chief medical officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, held crisis talks with advisers from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation over whether the jab should be offered to under-fives.

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