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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sanofi’s ActHIB Vaccine Recalled in Japan after 5 childrens deaths

**How many children have to be harmed and killed before people start to really question the usefulness of these vaccines? This is already being brushed under the carpet as being blamed on the syringes. Please. It’s never the vaccine. It’s either the syringe, bad syringe hygiene, the doctor/nurse's fault, etc. It is NEVER the toxic vaccine. I should point out that the stoppers used with the syringes are usually made of rubber and MANY people are allergic to this rubber which then gets pushed into a person's body when injected. Do yourself a favor, don't take anymore ineffective, dangerous, and unnecessary vaccines and look into natural, safe, and effective alternatives like good organic food, vitamins, minerals, and homeopathy.**

By Jonathan D. Rockoff
Early this week, we learned that Japanese health officials had temporarily suspended the use of two common childhood vaccines while authorities investigated the deaths of five children.

Sanofi-Aventis SA, maker of the ActHIB vaccine caught up in the suspension, now says it’s recalling 200,000 doses distributed in Japan – but not because of the investigation.

Sanofi took action after finding that two syringes used to dispense the vaccine contained an undetermined “foreign matter,” a spokeswoman tells the Health Blog. The move is precautionary only, and the recalled ActHIB vaccine doses don’t present a safety risk, she says.

The ActHIB vaccine is administered using syringes — which contain a solution that renders the powdered vaccine ready for injection – in Japan, but not in the U.S.

Sanofi is still investigating, but believes the syringes, made in 2009, were contaminated somewhere during the manufacturing process. The foreign matter didn’t affect the sterility of the vaccine, and “parents of children who were vaccinated with these lots have no reason for concern and do not need to take any action,” the company spokeswoman says.

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