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Sunday, September 19, 2010

'Whooping' the Pertussis Fearmongering

Whooping Cough(Pertussis)is all over the news because of the unfortunate deaths in California. In spite of this and the media hyping the risks associated with the disease, I wanted to put some information out that you will not see on the main stream media.

The following is a chart analyzing the number of incidences of Pertussis and the Number of deaths from 1987-2007 (minus 2001 because Deaths were not available). You will notice that in those 19 years of available data, there were 169,439 cases reported and 184 deaths. This means if you contract "Whooping Cough" you have a .108% chance of dying from it. This is hardly worthy of the mass hysteria the media is trying to create.

Pertussis Death Chart

Now, for that minimal risk of dying, what are the types of ingredients used in the DTaP (Pertussis) vaccine?

How about some lovely Bovine (Cow tendons and tissues) extract, a nourishing mix of potentially lethal contaminants from a cow. Then there is Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen (cancer causer): Known Carcinogen. There is also Gelatin which is known to cause allergy and anaphlaxis(hypersensitivity to one or more allergens, which could be deadly. More ingredients:

2-phenoxyethanol- Also called ethylene glycol. Know to be toxic to kidneys, nervous system and liver. A replacement for thimerosal.

Polysorbate 80: Numerous studies have shown this stabilizer can cause infertility:

Thimerosal: Used during manufacturing in these vaccines said to have less than 0.3mcg/dose. According to the FDA, the exact quantities in the vials have not been confirmed by independent testing. (+) Multidose vials with thimerosal 25mcg/dose.

DTaP Vaccine Ingredients


  1. I have a question about your data. Many medical doctors will say that the overall number of deaths due to pertussis is b/c people were vaccinated. If not for vaccination, those numbers would be much higher. How do you filter out and just get stats of deaths among unvaccinated groups? That would be a more compelling argument.

  2. DFranco,
    I agree, that would be a more compelling argument but this Data is not made available. The best I can do with the data provided is extrapolate that even with high vaccination rates, there has been over 169,000 cases of Pertussis and only 184 deaths out of those cases. That is a .108% chance of dying from the disease and does not take into account how hard it is to get the disease in the first place. Here is a really good link that really delves into this whooping cough hysteria, hopefully it answers your question better than I am able to. Thanks for the reply!

    Whooping Cough Hysteria Story