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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Risk of Fits Prompts Ban of Four Flu Vaccines in Australia

**If only the rest of the world would be as proactive as Australia is in regard to the safety of these horrible flu vaccines. This report of 'fits' comes on the heels of up to 1 in 100 experiencing febrile convulsions and prompting the ban in Australia for 5 year olds and under. These vaccines do not work and have MANY health consequences. Avoid them at all costs for yourself and your children. There are many effective natural treatments for prevention of the Flu. Vitamin D3 has been found in clinical studies to be MORE EFFECTIVE than the Flu vaccine. Use it because there are no side effects. If you do come down with the flu, Colloidal Silver is absolutely wonderful. I recommend a silver hydrosol if you are interested.**

FOUR brands of flu vaccine have been banned for young children due to the risk of fits, in new Health Department advice for the start of the flu season.
Chief Medical Officer Jim Bishop has stepped up surveillance for side-effects from this year's flu jab, which will be made to the same formula that triggered a tenfold increase in febrile convulsions among young children last year.

"The events of last year illustrated the importance of monitoring vaccine usage in children," Professor Bishop wrote in a letter to doctors this week.

For the first time, doctors have been "asked", although not required, to notify the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register every time they vaccinate a child up to the age of seven years for the flu. Professor Bishop has also "encouraged" doctors to report any side-effects to the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Peter Collignon, professor of infectious diseases at the Australian National University, said yesterday children without underlying health problems should skip the flu jab this year.

"My own view is that for children and young adults who do not have a risk factor (from the flu), I would not be vaccinating for seasonal influenza because I don't think we have enough data on the safety," Professor Collignon said.

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