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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5 Year Old Girl Dies from Flu despite having Flu Shot

**It saddens me to see children die from preventable causes. No one has to die from the flu but unfortunately there is a broken approach to health in most of the world driven by Big Pharma. Health does not come from presription medications and vaccinations. It is quite the contrary. Healthy food and a healthy lifestyle are the most important aspects of ensuring you do not die from a preventable disease. Unfortunately, this poor girl's immune system was compromised by the very vaccines that were to save her. It is a little known fact that vaccines destroy your immune system and do not enhance it. The human body is very capable of defending itself if it is not immuno compromised by the lifestyle we lead, the food and water we injest, or the toxins we insert into our body. Do yourselves and your children a favor and look into natural alternatives to vaccines. Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Elderberry Extract, and the most powerful anti-biotic(without the side effects)/brilliant substance Colloidal Silver. Stop listening to companies selling their products and take your families life into your own hands.**

Levittown — BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP - About 36,000 people typically die each year from the flu, and tragically a 5-year-old girl from the township's B. Bernice Young Elementary School will be recorded as one of those thousands.

School officials said that the student, whose name was not released, had received a flu shot earlier this school year, but that she died last weekend from complications from the Influenza B virus, a strain different from the more viral H1N1, also know as swine flu.

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