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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Measles Vaccine KIlls 26 Healthy Babies in 3 Years In India

Here is the real measles epidemic, the needless and shameful killing of perfectly healthy babies in the name of 'health'. How disgraceful. 26 babies were killed (that were reported) from the Measles vaccine alone in the last 3 years in India. Of course, when I stumbled across this story on Google news, when I clicked on the link it didn't work. So doing some clicking around on the Times of India site, I was able to find the story with a good link. It is amazing the lengths the establishment goes to to prevent the real information from getting out.

26 measles vaccine deaths in 3 years, no investigative report yet

In less than three years, 26 absolutely healthy babies died in seven different places across the country soon after receiving the measles vaccine. The government, instead of coming up with stringent measures to track Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFI), has prepared a draft national vaccine policy that attempts to tamper with the system used worldwide to examine such adverse events. Moreover, till today no enquiry reports into the deaths after immunization has been made public, not even reports of the 2008 deaths that happened as far back as 2008.

Vaccines, administered on a large scale to healthy individuals (healthy babies in this case), demand a very high degree of safety, states the WHO publication on immunisation safety adding that monitoring immunisation safety is an essential part of every immunisation programme.

In India, forget about just minor adverse reaction, healthy children have been dying soon after immunisation and the number of such deaths has increased hugely from six deaths in 2002, and 13 in 2003 to 111 in 2008 and 116 deaths in 2009. The ministry attributes it to better reporting and surveillance. That seems hard to believe since four infants dying after vaccination would be widely reported at any time, surveillance or not.

Interestingly, the draft vaccine policy presented to the Delhi High Court indicates an attempt to whitewash all vaccine deaths in the future, unless it can be proved that the vaccine was contaminated or unless the number of deaths changes the baseline demography data in the region (meaning huge number of deaths are needed before the government will take cognizance.)

Link to Full Story

State-wise death of infants given measles vaccine


State Date Babies dead
Tamil Nadu                    23-Apr-08            4
Maharashtra 28-Sep-08 4
Assam 22-Oct-08 4
Uttar Pradesh 21-Aug-10 4
Uttar Pradesh 15-Sep-10 2
Madhya Pradesh 12-Mar-10 4
Gujrat 16-Mar-11



  1. I am sorry you have missed the point
    It is not a danger from vaccine, but a danger of the way it is used.
    It happen to anything done improperly
    If you keep a bottle of pesticide in the fridge and drink it thinking it wine will kill you.Won't it? Just like that

  2. I'm not missing the point and your analogy is silly. I would hope that pesticide and vaccination could not be used in the same sentence, but with all of the evidence on this blog of toxicity, it actually works. Fact is, it is killing babies. Spin it how you wish. The babies are dead and not coming back. Conversely, there are no babies dieing from Vitamin D3, Homeopathic remedies for Measles, or any other natural immune stimulant. Go figure.

  3. Its disgusting and the manufacturers should be held liable.