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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Babies given pneumococcal vaccination risk infection with serious drug resistant respiratory disease

**I can tell you my personal experience with this matches the findings of the study. I have 4 kids, and the first two were fully vaccinated because, even though I knew better, we caved to the pressure of vaccination from the Doctors. My first two girls were the picture of sickness and Ear Aches were VERY common. My last two kids have not received one vaccine and they also have not had any ear infections and almost never get sick. I really regret vaccinating my first two kids because I do not know what will manifest itself later in life.**

(NaturalNews) We've all heard the arguments, supposed solid evidence and near hysteria about the importance of vaccinating children to protect them from diseases. Unfortunately, not only are there sometimes serious side effects associated with many vaccinations ( but now it turns out that infants who receive vaccinations to protect them from ear infection and sinusitis are more likely to come down with what can be a dangerous form of an antibiotic-resistant infection.

Full Story on Pneumococcal Vaccination Risk Infection In Babies

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