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Monday, September 20, 2010

Students and parents waited in long lines Monday, in order to get the vaccinations REQUIRED BY LAW

**REQUIRED BY LAW, this one just drives me crazy whenever I see it in the "Get Your Kids Vaccinated" scare campaign that is rolled out every school year. I wanted to make sure that those who are thinking about not vaccinating, understand that EVERY state (EXCEPT West Virginia and Mississippi, which only offer Medical) has a Religious and Medical exemption. Some states have a Philosophical objection which only requires that you disagree with the practice. Any of these exemptions HAVE to be accepted by the school. I have been utilizing the Religious exemption every year and the reaction my wife got this year was, "Another one of these huh?". It is your right as a human being and a Parent to have the ultimate authority over what goes in your and your childs body. Not the State. Please see this link for exemption forms: Exemption Forms**

Students, parents wait in long lines to get vaccinations

Indianapolis —
Students and parents waited in long lines Monday, in order to get the vaccinations required by law. The first of several immunization clinics got underway at Lafayette Square Mall.

The Marion County Health Department decided to hold a series of mass clinics in order to meet the high demand of students needing school shots.

The non-school aged children had no trouble smiling as they waited in line with their big brothers and sisters, who didn't seem quite as happy as they headed towards the nurses with the big red signs. They weren't thrilled about holding out their arm and getting stuck with a needle.

Full Story on Vaccine "Law"

Here is a link to the FAQ document that the State of Indiana puts out that talks about the Exemptions for this state. This was NOT mentioned in this article:

FAQ for Indiana Vaccine Rights

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