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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CSU student dies from meningitis, another remains hospitalized- BOTH WERE VACCINATED!

**One Student died and another is hospitalized by Meningitis and both were vaccinated. Go figure. I know there are 3 types of meningitis but this just underscores how futile it is to try and 'protect' everyone.**

A CSU student died early this morning from bacterial meningitis, and another student remains hospitalized in critical condition with a suspected infection, university and public health officials said.

Colorado State University sophomore Christina Adame, 23, originally of Evans, fell ill about 11 pm on Tuesday and died several hours later, CSU officials said. Adame lived off campus and worked part-time in the business office and reception area of the university's Veterinary Teaching Hospital, university officials said.

"This is a very sad tragedy at CSU," said university spokesman Brad Bohlander. "Our condolences and thoughts go out to Christina's family in this difficult time."

The second student, Zachary Ratzlaff, remains hospitalized in intensive care at Poudre Valley Hospital, officials said. He lives in Corbett Hall, an on-campus dormitory. Jane Viste, a spokeswoman for the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment, said Ratzlaff appeared to be less ill than Adame had been.

"I know that everyone at the university is really pulling for him to make a complete recovery," Bohlander said.

Health officials say Adame was killed by bacterial meningitis, and are investigating whether that's what sickened Ratzlaff. CSU officials said they are trying to determine what connection there was, if any, between the two, and are planning to give antibiotics as a prophylactic as a precaution to people who may have been in contact with them.

Health officials have scheduled a 4:30 p.m. press conference to discuss the situation.

Ratzlaff's floormates said he got sick very fast last night, first complaining of a stiff neck, and then a bad headache and tension all over his body.

"Oh my gosh, I'm really scared," said Angela Wood, who lives on the same floor. "Everyone hangs out together."

Wood and several other floormates said they planned to check with university health officials to see if they should be checked for an infection.

Viste said the two students had both been vaccinated for meningitis, but that the vaccine doesn't protect against every strain.

"There are many, many strains of it. This particular vaccine doesn't cover every strain," she said.

University officials said they are also making extra efforts to clean and sanitize the living and working areas of the two students. At Corbett this afternoon, CSU workers carried out a bed and frame from the wing where Ratzlaff lives.

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  1. Thanks Ken,

    I covered this on my blog when the media was using it to push vaccination, but it was not known at the time whether the students had been vaccinated.

    I would like to know if things mono and meningitis were virtually non existent on college campuses years ago.

  2. This is a very interesting development and potentially a big 'vaccine caused death' in that situation in Colorado.

    I was under the impression that the story you posted was of the June 23 CSU fatalities.

    What makes this story a major disaster for the vaccine pushers is that these students could have gotten vaccinated when the campus was in an all out meningitis vaccination blitz. Back when the other students died in June.

    The linked article you posted is a total damage control piece. What they dare NOT / NEVER tell the public is that the virus they gave these kids could turn around and bite them.

  3. Interesting...I didn't even realize there was a history of this at CSU. I agree with your "turn around and bite them" theory as I have been investigating whether or not the meningitis vaccine they got was a live virus capable of being shed. Not finding much luck in that seems like it is a live attenuated virus though. I'll make sure to put the dates on these articles to avoid future confusion.

  4. Now they are saying that it wasn't meningitis but it It is now being called meningitis sepsis, which is "sepsis and meningitis are different manifestations of the same bacterial infections." Sounds like a lot of double speak to me... If a vaccine causes your body to produce antibodies against the disease, I would think this would also apply to that same bacteria getting into the blood. LOL!

  5. This story just gets better and better. I was told first hand that just right before airtime the local Denver networks were given a (emergency?) call from the coroners office telling the local television networks NOT to report the woman died of meningitis.

    Like I said on my blog, as in the TV series 'V', vaccines can NEVER be shown in a bad light no matter the cost.

    Had this story been reported CORRECTLY on the local boob tube, no matter the damage control spin doctoring, people would have put one and one together that the vaccine she took as a result of the hype and scare put out by the vaccine pushers most likely gave her the disease she died from.

  6. I meant to include...
    It's because of blogs like ours that the Pharmacological Medical Industrial Complex has to go into damage control overdrive hiding the facts of vaccine damage. No matter how obvious they are at doing it.