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Saturday, October 9, 2010

4 children come down with Pollio, 3 of them were Vaccinated Multiple Times!

4 New Cases of Polio Detected (75% of which was in children who received the vaccine)

**Interesting that this story strikes fear into everyone reporting how many new cases of Polio are occurring and they are focusing on these 4 children in particular. If you read the entire news report, you will notice that 3 of the 4 kids were vaccinated against Polio upwards of 7 times. 7 times these poor kids were vaccinated for Polio and still got Polio, with one of them having the onset of Paralysis!!! If you also notice the fine print in the article, it says this particular town had not had a reported case of Polio in 10 years, now with the drive to vaccinate, they magically get Polio cases. Remember, Oral Polio vaccine virus is shed by the vaccinated for weeks after the immunization. These kids and the dozens of other cases are obviously victims of vaccine polio virus and not the wild type. This is becoming common as the drive to vaccinate against polio continues to be the only incidence of the disease. Its a shame that the other poor unvaccinated girl had to get Polio because everyone around her is being injected with it.**

KARACHI: Health authorities on Saturday said four new cases of polio had been detected in the country, two in Sindh and one each in Punjab and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata).

The latest victims of the dreaded disease — a boy and three girls of between 12 and 42 months — took this year’s tally of polio cases to 78.

Five of the cases have been reported from Punjab, eight from Sindh, 17 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, seven from Balochistan and 41 from Fata.

The national manager of the Expanded Programme on Immunisation, Dr Altaf A. Bosan, said the new cases were confirmed by the National Institute of Health, Islamabad, on Friday.

He added that new cases were largely being reported from districts that had compromised on the quality of immunisation work. The floods and the subsequent movement of people could also be cited as major reasons for the increase in the number of polio cases.

Officials told Dawn that the new cases were detected in Ghotki and Sukkur districts in Sindh, Mianwali district in Punjab, and Mohmand Agency in Fata.

They said Mianwali last reported a polio case 10 years ago and Sukkur four years back. However, Ghotki has had eight cases this year and Mohmand four cases.

According to them, the number of districts where polio cases have been detected this year has risen to 27.

The sources said that Zar Mohammad, a 36-month-old boy living in the Afghan Camp in Essakhel tehsil of Punjab, had the onset of paralysis on Sept 21. According to his father, the boy was administered anti-polio drops seven times.

Asma, a 42-month-old girl of Khangarh tehsil in Ghotki district, had the onset of the disease on Sept 20. She was also immunised against polio seven times.

A 36-month-old resident of Rohri tehsil of Sukkur district, Azizan, was reported to be suffering from the disease on Sept 26. She was also administered anti-polio drops several times.

Nazia, a 12-month-old girl belonging to Safi area of Mohmand Agency, had the onset of the disease on Aug 25. The child did not receive a single dose of polio vaccine, said the sources.

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  1. Dr. Baylock medical research shows that almost ALL polio is vaccine caused.

    I just finished a little polio writeup at Hell To Veins' concerning the recent scientific evidence that ancient Egypt was virtually cancer and disease free. This 'KNOWLEDGE' is a huge blow to big pharma and the vaccine pushers. You can guaranteed this will NOT be taught in American medical schools.

    You see big pharma's shills have always 'claimed' massive polio outbreaks can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Most scientists and archaeologists rebuked this claim. Never the less, some medical schools still tech this non sense to medical and nursing students.

    In my research I have strong evidence to believe that mass polio outbreaks have been from chemical poisoning over a period of years. Including the American polio outbreak. Where during the age of the electron microscope nobody racing to creat the vaccine could isolate a 'wild polio' strain. Odd to say the least, that during the world's ONLY 'major' polio epidemic EVER in the history of the world a wild polio strain could NOT be isolared. The World's leading virologists agree amongst themselves that Dr. Salk created his vaccine using a lab created strain.

    They would NEVER teach that in medical schools because it blow the lid right off the entire polio epidemic scam.

  2. I agree is a great article from last year that talks about how vaccine polio can be more dangerous than Wild Polio. Notice poor Nigeria is the place this is happening again...they love picking on that poor country.

  3. Ken,
    I would like to comment on your Nigerian polio article.

    I know you know this but, the readers may not. The U.N., who seem to be 'in charge' in Africa mandated these live polio vaccines that in fact 'caused' a polio epidemic in Africa.

    I have been pointing out on my blog (scientifically) that vaccines are a VERY EFFECTIVE WAY to spread disease within a population. Better than they will prevent disease. It's not vaccines that kept measles down in the case of the U.S., it's infrastructure. The vaccines can cause anything from autism to cancer while it's the infrastructure that actually prevents the measles, because it was virtually wiped out BEFORE wide spread vaccination, after this countries major infrastructure projects had been started.

    But that's just one topic. The other topic that relates to the African polio ordeal is that, while it is agreed to that the people / population of Africa were intentionally diseased by the people behind polio vaccine, the UN (of course) stated that a 'mandatory' mass vaccination campaign had to be implemented as a result from the vaccine caused outbreak!

    That is exactly what will most likely happen here in the U.S. at some point in time. Most likely an up rise in disease resulting from misinformed people lining up to get flu shots and spreading those lab viruses within the population.

  4. Good stuff John, and anyone looking for more information regarding this, please see John's site: From Hell To Veins (link is on my front page). John has a great write up on a Club Of Rome meeting he attended that is a must read for anyone that wants to know 'why' this is occurring.

  5. It's Interesting that you mention the 1988 COR symposium I attended. Africa was a focal point at this symposium.

    See the movie or, BETTER YET, read the book 'The Constant Gardener'. The "much more sinister plot" of this novel / movie is based on what was presented at this symposium.

    Wikipedia, in their explanation of the novel says one of the main characters in the movie was killed because this person discovered the side effects of the 'Aids' drug. That is NOT correct. The character discovered the disease itself was created by big pharma and many countries were in the know and involved,

    John le Carré, the novel's creator, is a former Mi5 / MI6 spook.

  6. John, I watched The Constant Gardener last night. Good movie...really lets you see exactly how manipulative the whole process is and why it is so hard to find out exactly what goes on in other countries.

  7. The way the scientists speaking at the Club of Rome explained what was going on in Africa was that Africa has always been a huge laboratory for human experimentation. What they (NWO / oligarchs...) learn in Africa they later introduce into western civilization. This would pertain to population reduction sciences where vaccines (bio-warfare) lead the way.