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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pregnant Moms Inexplicably urged to get Flu Shot

Moms, Dads, ask yourself why you didn't receive 36-38 vaccines by the time you were 6.  Ask yourself if you missed them?  Ask yourself why does my child need this if I didn't have it and I am fine today.  After asking yourself these questions, look around at the health of the kids you see at the mall or any other public gathering.  These kids, by in large, are on this vaccine schedule.  Also realize that there has never been any sort of test to analyze the safety of taking all of these shots.

Then, ask yourself why the mandatory vaccine schedule has more than tripled since you were a kid.  Could it be money? Yes, of course...look at the large corporations that are creating these concoctions.  They would bad at business if they didn't lobby to get these previously non-mandatory and unneeded shots mandatory.   

So before you get your baby on the 'mandatory' schedule, think about if you really want/need to do that.

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